Older is better at Shangrila

As a perennial sceptic, I wasn’t particularly taken aback when I received early on Thursday morning a flyer from SM that one could get fabulous meal discounts at the Shangrila Hotel on one’s birthday. Something fishy, right?

I mean going by the flyer my mother who is 84 going on 85 next month would be getting a whopping 85% discount and so would up to seven guests! That means we could eat at any of Shang’s super ex restaurants for the price of perhaps slightly more than eating at Sophie’s or Uncle’s Kitchen?

Wow, the difference between the Line, Nadaman, Blu, Shang Palace and Rose Veranda and my regular eat places is the difference between what the Dalai Lama sees of Tibet and what China sees!

Can’t be right, especially when the number I tried to call to get confirmation of the flyer either had no one answering or it was busy. Another Internet hoax?

Then late afternoon I received the same flyer fm LW. Skepticism a bit shaken…

More attempts to get thru the information line without success. Right thru to late afternoon today.

In frustration I sent a blast to a few eat kakis to say what’s too good to be true, probably isn’t. That somehow propelled one of them — EL — to try getting thru and lo and behold the lucky girl got thru and confirmed that yes, me old ma would get her 85% discount on her birthday. As would her dining companions, up to a max of seven.

And as if EL’s magic touch had unlocked the lines at Shang, I got thru soon after and made a reservation for six for April X when mum turns 85.

Still, the taste of the discount is in the eating. I was told by Yashir who took my reservation that drinks would be excluded from the discount whereas all taxes including SV would be based on the after discount meal price…

Will post more after the event. For those interested about the Flash Your Age campaign starting on Mar 17, look at the following illustrations and salivate. Or better still, get your fingers to do the talking … and make that call… as it may be easier to get a cheap meal than to call thru to eat cheap at an expensive place like Shang..

when older is better

when older is better

value of age

value of age


5 thoughts on “Older is better at Shangrila

  1. Shame I turn 61 in two weeks time and wont be in Singapore to take advantage of this incredible offer till June at the earliest. Aiyah, somebody should tell them to extend this to belated birthdays for those who are likely to miss out.With the economic slowdown, this may generate more business/bookings for the hotel!

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  3. PLEASE LAh RESPECT your elder dun put them through so much misery…just because the are very old and u can enjoy a higher discount due to their age!!!! of walking up and down steps!!! Eating buffet??? how much can those old parents eat!!!!

    When PersonaLLy going to The hotel for dinning was disgusted in seeing how the elder was being treated!! i A plate of rice, bocolli, and steak (it looked well done) she, looked at least 90 yrs old and above!! how can she eat that??

    Dinning experince was so unpleasant!! It was too overly crowded!! Chairs was so close that walking freely is certainly impossible!! Due to the number of people walking and all, it actually generated even more body heat!! THus making it so stuffy…!

    All i wanted to do eat and get the hell out of there!

  4. Thanks for your feedback Chris. I’ve removed your other comment since it’s exactly the same as the one u made in this post. I get your point about the crush — I suppose u r referring to The Line, which is a buffet. Shangrila’s offer is open to the other restaurants too — so for those who don’t want a tight squeeze, they can always try Blu or Nadaman which are pricier but still good value if one can get a 90% discount.

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