Unique gifts for sale

This isn’t like the usual eat-meet-shop-bitch posts found in this blog. Rather, it aims to do two things.

  • Help to put my dozy maid Siti’s naive art on the map, or at least on the Internet.
  • Help put my sister Daffy’s hand-made semi precious trinkets and other wearables into hands beyond those who are the hapless captives of my email address book.

First, Siti’s latest offering for S$30 is her rendition of Time 2 Play (below). It measures 20cm by 29.5 cms. Guess after all the cleaning and ironing and the occasional cooking, she longs to play…

She had sold another same size n style water color painting to one of my friends for $50 but understanding her own uncultivated talent, she’s setting her sights lower this time.. she’s willing to take special commissions too, as she does have spare time to pursue this hobby.

Latest: Siti has sold the painting to Ismail Kassim, author of No Hard Feelings, a reporter’s memoir.

FDW's idea of bliss

FDW's dream of bliss

Now about my sister Daffy who is already known to many of you for her unique antique jade made modern items. She’s branched out to something that’s light on the neck and light on the wallet or purse. She’s making chord dragonflies in various colors for sale.

I’m the satisfied guinea pig wearing one such dragonlfy around my neck ( G n G yr suggestion on the need to have a ‘model’ for Daffy’s trinkets has been taken up, but the result isn’t quite right, I think)…

Dragonfly pendent

Dragonfly pendant

This one I’m wearing is the largest at 6 cm in length, including a stainless steel hook, that can be used with finer chains.

Below is a better shot of the pendant without the distraction of my crepy neck/chest.

on a casual chain

on a casual chain

Daffy will customise as to size and color but as it is a hand-made item, measurements may not be 100% exact. What is exact is the price. $5 per pendant. Add $1 for gift box, if needed. Otherwise comes in plain cellophane wrap. Self pick up at my place near Newton MRT for orders of less than six pendants. Delivery can be arranged for anything more.

Finally, some of you may wonder what a sales pitch has to do with food which is the theme of this blog..

My explanation: when Siti sells her painting(s), it’ll supplement her monthly pay and help to contribute to her household income in Lampung, Sumatra. When Daffy sells her trinkets, it helps feed her hobbies and perhaps put the occasional cherry in my martini!


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