Hard sell continues loudly

Went to the Tanglin Club today to buy some take-away sandwiches for lunch.

While waiting at the Deli Lounge for them to make the toasted tuna-chilli-onion and the more luxe finger rendezvous, I was forced to listen to a sales pitch for financial products, which was conducted at the next table loud enough for the whole lounge to eavesdrop without any effort.

At first, it was unclear who was making the pitch. In between a sweet young RM (relationship manager) type and another woman (in white) who kept her head bent and her voice low was an Ah Beng wannabe rich (badly cut hair, T shirt under a wind-cheater with an incongruous piece of green jade dangling on a a gold chain just short of his chest).

AB, in a voice that suggested that he was either from Taiwan or an ABC who couldn’t master his American twang, kept talking about writing this for $20 million and that for $20 million.  Sweet RM kept pushing the Aussie and unbelievably stated that “your portfolio is now $1.7 million”. (So much for the Banking Secrecy Act!)

Then RM went on to explain (was explanation needed for sophispticated customers?) to woman-in-white that you can borrow up to “90% of your portfolio”. AB interrupted now and again abt his writing and sweet RM mentioned the letters DBS and also the sums $1million and $60,000, which presumably relates to the $1 million figure.

The discussion continued. RM pointed out to woman in white that as she had already used up almost a million of her line, that would leave about $690-700 thousand.

As if sensing my mental calculator lighting up, RM then went on to elaborate that the 90% loan limit mentioned earlier was split into 90% for cash and 60/70% for graded bonds.

Then AB mentioned S-reits, in particular Suntec R, while lady-in-white must have whispered MP Reit because RM brightly said “that’s where Takashimaya is…”

I didn’t get to hear the rest of the story because my sandwiches were ready. However when i got home, I found that my finger deluxe, normally only a dozen finger sandwiches had blossomed into 16! And the usual salad accompaniment was missing.

Guess I wasn’t the only one all-ears when it comes to other people’s money affairs, the second most salacious after other people’s affairs of the heart!

when 12 became 16!

when 12 became 16!

The price for sandwiches at Tanglin is extremely reasonable. I won’t say how much I paid for the medley of salmon, egg mayonaise and tomato and chedder sandwiches and the half a dozen of tuna-chill-onion in the box behind (see pix). As I don’t want the management to raise prices!

Suffice to say it’s less than what most people would pay for a set lunch in some dubious glorified cafe calling itself a restaurant.

Afterword: As there was other food for lunch, I told picky Siti to keep the tuna etc and add to the other food she’d have dinner with mum, as I was going out in the night. U could have knocked me down with a feather the next morning when I found the box still sitting there in the fridge with two small sandwiches and a handful of wilted salad.

“Siti, u n popo didn’t finish the sandwiches ah?”

“No ma’am, you said eat six sandwiches.”

“Yah, I said eat six because I thought there were only six.”

“No ma’am, there were eight.”

Guess I got an even bigger bargain at Tanglin Club than I thought, tho I suspect without the entertaining sales side-show, I won’t have been snowed under by the extras.


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