Not so great 2nd time around

One week later, (Sep24) I went back to Tin Hill about which I had written earlier. I took two guests.

First, the good news: Tin Hill, at the corner of Bukit Timah Road and Sixth Avenue, may be going stronger and longer than I had prognosticated after my first visit on Sep 18. 

The restaurant had about 20-24 customers on the afternoon of my 2nd visit, including us three. And each probably spent more on average than I did on myself and my guests. Also most of its neighbours were practically deserted.

More good news: this time round, the wait didn’t 4get the milk for the coffee and we weren’t shoved with the bill, be4 we asked for it.

The bad news: the smiling Jaime (the owner) wasn’t all toothiness during this visit. Perhaps she wasn’t in her wait uniform but some expensive looking garb. Or perhaps it is a pain to be doing Bugs Bunny non-stop.

Still, she shouldn’t get into the mode of her erstwhile neighbour Corduroy & Finch, as there are more than enough options for diners not to have to take any snootiness.

When I asked why the two sets (Basic or Pide Set and Executive Set) had exactly the same items offered on Sep 18, she said the items in the sets were Tin Hill’s popular items.

“Er you mean you don’t offer different items on different days?”

“No” was her short reply.

However, she did allow us to change the soup in the pide set for a salad but definitely no-no when it came to swopping the linguini (the main course for the Executive Set) for something else.

This one-menu set lunches for everyday makes me take back any comparisons I had made of Tin Hill with Au Petit Salut. There are different items and choices every day at Au Petit, for heavens sake.

TC and I opted for the pide (a type of bread, I was told) set and C went for the Executive Set tho she chose fish n chips for her mains instead of linguini.

this i won't bite

this i won't bite

The E-set came with dessert: a slice of carrot cake, which retails for $6. This time there was no ice-cream to go with it, and given the pole face looks we were given, I decided not to query.

$6 worth

$6 worth

Still, there is no quarrel at all that the Ex-set is value for money. And the food was good — at least that was what C and TC, the ever thoughtful guests, kept stressing, uttering in between bites, “delicious”.

They and I ate up every bite and crumb, either testament to the tasty food or that we were all hungry and I, as host, was rather abstemious with the orders.

My own salad of assorted greens with balsamic vinegar was satisfactory though it isn’t something I would die-die go back for.

in place of soup

in place of soup

TC claimed to like her onion soup with the baguette-like crouton while C repeatedly pronounced her caesar salad “delicious”, the same description she used for the fish n chips. (The chips were more like potato wedgies than the straw like stuff called “French fries”).

good to last drop?

good to last drop?

We shared the slice of carrot cake which was moist enough and displayed nice fine strips of carrot. C again proclaimed it “delicious”. In a subsequent email, TC enthused that it as “one of the best I have savoured”.

I was again pleasantly surprised that the camomile tea I asked for was real loose camomile and not in a bag. It had fragrance and body. What a pity that the pot with its short spout and tea dregs clogging the exit, it was almost impossible to pour the tea into the cup without it getting everywhere. And no wait around to help or notice!

everywhere but the cup

everywhere but the cup

So all said, the 2nd time around wasn’t so great. While I won’t be in a hurry to return, I will, once Tin Hill decides to vary its daily sets. There is decent value. Unless Jaime ups the prices.


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