Always double-check prices at Cold Storage

You would think it won’t happen again so soon after I went to Cold Storage supermarket at Great World City and was given a free pack of 10 toilet rolls because they forgot to change prices at the display racks but had already updated them in the computer.

Well, you could have fooled me because on Sunday, Sep 21, it happened again! Not toilet rolls this time but tissue papers.

I bought a stack of five boxes of Scott facial tissues. I noted the price was $4.75. At the check-out, the cashier fiddled with the stack and then stuck a “paid” label on the boxes. I saw the cash register reflecting $5.50.

“Eh,” I said, unceremoniously, “it should be $4.75.”

Equally brusque, she replied, “The promotion has ended.”

I stood my ground. “How can? At the racks, it showed $4.75.”

Without a word, the cashier marched off to check. Tissue papers were in a very nearby row and there was just one customer behind me.

If she thought she was going to return triumphant and prove me wrong, she wasn’t in luck that day.

Without further apology or explanation, she re-keyed in all my purchases. The tissue papers were $4.75.

So promotion still on? She got the price wrong? Or there was a mismatch in the computerised price and the displayed price? The cashier didn’t deign to explain and I was none the wiser. 

The moral of the story: double-check prices wherever but when it’s Cold Storage, make that always!


2 thoughts on “Always double-check prices at Cold Storage

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