Soon rice will be $15 a kg?

Was at a dried seafood and Chinese herb shop a few doors away from the Waterloo Street temple yesterday and guess what? The shop’s boss was telling a well-dressed lady who was buying dried sharksfin by the kgs that soon all the herbs from China will go up in price.
The lady customer said something which I couldn’t catch and the boss replied: “The weather’s bad; demand has increased.”
The customer responded in a soft voice. The boss retorted:”At this rate rice in S’pore will soon cost $15 a kg. Look at the oil price? At over USD100 a barrel, soon no one can afford to drive any more or take a taxi. We would all have to walk.”

I had to stop eavesdropping when the shop assistance wrapped my paltry $2 purchase of black fungus.


One thought on “Soon rice will be $15 a kg?

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